Recycled Seed Sprouters

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Contributor: Matt Lorenzo – Teen Librarian @ the Cupertino Library

Description: GO GREEN and start your own garden by recycling an empty bottle into a seed sprouter.


  • Empty 2-Litter Bottles
  • Scissors/Box Cutters
  • Potting Soil
  • Small Shovel/Scoop or Clean Plastic Cups
  • Sharpie Pen
  • Seeds
  • Water

Number of People: No Limit

Target Audience: Middle & High School

Cost: Depends on what you already do/don’t have on hand.

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Program Time: 1 hour


  1. Draw a line around top 1/3 of the bottle with a Sharpie
  2. Use scissors to cut the top 1/3 off
  3. Fill the bottom part of the bottle with water (be safe and trip the plastic edges!!!)
  4. Flip the top part over so that the bottle neck is in the water
  5. Fill the top part with soil
  6. Poke a hole about 3/4″ into the soil
  7. Plant a seed and cover with soil
  8. Lightly wet top layer and put into sunlight

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