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Cell Phone Scavenger Hunt (2 Ways)

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Contributor: Teresa Parham

Description: Relationships/Teambuilding

Supplies: Participants that have cell phones with camera functions…That’s It!

Number of People: 2-25

Target Audience: Middle and High School

Cost: $0

Prep Time: 1 hour

Program Time: 45 minutes


  • First Way: Using camera roll on student’s phones – check existing pictures with a list: Grandparents, child with curly hair, landscape, food, silly face, shoes, possibilities are endless. Look through your own camera roll for inspiration “picture of a book?” The key is that the list is checked off and verified by a teen team partner.
  • Second Way: Traditional scavenger hunt for unique and interesting parts of the library – architecture, signage, artwork, multiple answers accepted. Students take a picture as proof that they found item on the list. Every library has inspiration and displays that make this something that could be done over and over with varying lists. Very fun to work in teams, prizes were used as incentive and took place over a few days to allow more participants.

Source: Modified an ice breaker used in Recreation Services.

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