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[San Francisco] Bay Area Young Adult Librarians is an organization for teen services professionals working in public and school libraries.

We provide continuing education, networking, and professional support for librarians.

We review fiction and nonfiction books, and publish bi-monthly reviews.

2023 BAYA Officers Bios

BAYA President – Kirstin Mandalay (she/her)

Picture of Kirstin Mandalay holding a sign with the word "WE" on it. Kirstin is smiling, has her hair down, and is wearing a teal t-shirt.
Kirstin M – President

Kirstin Mandalay has worked in teen services in the Bay Area since 2016. Kirstin loves to provide engaging programming, fun, and delight at the library for all!
This is Kirstin’s second year as President of BAYA, and fourth consecutive year as a BAYA officer, where she connects school and public librarians, library students, and library staff who work with middle school and high school teens. Her goals at BAYA are to share, collaborate, encourage, and celebrate services to teens.

BAYA Vice President – Andrea Malarky

Andrea M
Andrea M – Vice President

BAYA Treasurer – Beth Wrenn-Estes

A picture of Beth. She has small smile, bangs, and lightly purple tinted hair that falls just below her shoulders. She is wearing a blue and white striped shirt, small hanging earrings, and a pendant necklace on a chain.
Beth – Treasurer

Beth has held positions in school and a public libraries since graduating from the University of Denver School of Information and Library Science in 2000. Her first job out of library school was the Manager of Technical Services, Collection Development and Acquisitions for Denver Public Schools in Colorado. Before started teaching for SJSU full-time she worked at Lone Tree Library in Douglas County, CO. Beth was a youth services librarian and was responsible for both collection, programming and services for the children’s department. She is passionate about libraries and especially serving youth. Beth has taught in the iSchool at San Jose State University for the past 13 years as well as currently being the Business Manager of California Library Association and the Treasurer for BAYA.
Beth moved to El Cajon, CA. from the bay area in October of 2017 to be close to her daughter and grand daughters.

BAYA Secretary – Erik Berman

Erik Berman is the Teen Services Coordinator for the Alameda County Library system, 2021 CLA Member of the year and a 2017 Library Journal Mover and Shaker. Erik has focused his efforts on increasing teen involvement and participation through the development of teen programing and creation of creative spaces for teens.  Notable projects include the construction of the San José Public Library’s TeenHQ, a teen designed and constructed teen center and makerspace; Archimedes, a teen designed makerspace in the Fremont Library; and Census and Sensibility, a State Library sponsored guide to preparing libraries for the 2020 Census. In those rare instances when he isn’t working, Erik can be found reading prodigious amounts of manga and trying not to start any more fires while cooking.

BAYA Book Review Editor, GoodReads, and Website Reviews Guru – Vacant

BAYA President Elect – Shel Grinstead (they/them)

Shel Grinstead (they/them) works as the Teen Librarian for the Santa Clara City Library at the Central Branch. Shel is passionate about equity in library services and ensuring there is space for teens in the library. When not at the library they enjoy spending their time playing TTRPGs, crafting, and reading.

BAYA Vice President Elect –

Dyan de Jager is the Teen Services Librarian at Redwood City Public Library. Her goal is to create a welcoming, inclusive, supportive and fun environment for teens where tolerance and acceptance is inherent. She strives to make this happen through food, movies, gaming tournaments, dance parties and silence. Occasionally she will recommend a book but mostly she strategically places them throughout the library hoping that a teen will take one (or two) home and love them as much as she does.

BAYA Website Manager – Jessica Lundin (she/her)

Picture of Jessica. Jessica is smiling, has black sunglasses on, and has short straight brown hair.
Jessica – Website Manager

Jessica works as the Children’s and Teen Services Librarian at a San Josè Public Library Branch location. She enjoys developing crafts for all ages, making weird voices during storytime, and taking notes. When not updating the BAYA website, she enjoys morning jogs, cooking AND baking, crafting AND painting, and long drives with audiobooks.