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BAYA is all about sharing, especially when it comes to programming ideas to do with your library’s teens and tweens. Feel free to search the website or use Categories and Tags to find the right craft or activity to do with your group. If you’re looking for activities and tasks for your teen volunteers, check the top menu for Volunteer Tasks.

  • Program Submission Form: for one shot crafts or activities. Include supply and step-by-step directions.
  • SF Bay Area Performer, Author, or Partner Review for Teens: review a person who has presented for your library’s teen audience.
  • Looking to submit something a little unconventional like a Program Reflection or Book Display idea? Just shoot us an email: bayalibrarian @ Remember to include any images that help tell your story.

Please provide contact information in case we have questions regarding your submission.

Categories Definitions: To help you find the perfect craft or activity based on current supplies and/or theme we have categorized our posts. Any one post may have multiple categories and subcategories, so mix and match to find what is right for you and your young adult group.

Tags: Programs have been broken into groups based on estimated cost and intended audience. Each library system has their own definition of who Teen Librarians should be serving. To make sure all bases have been covered, we have included a Tween age range as well as if your program could include other age groups (such as Children, Adults, & Seniors). Tags will also be used to identify common themes, like specific holidays.

Comments: Here at BAYA we believe in feedback and discourse. Please let us know if an attempted program activity or craft worked for you..or didn’t, but please make sure your comments and feedback are civil. Inappropriate use of the Comments section will result in comments being deleted.