Wayward Sisters

Wayward Sisters: An Anthology of Monstrous Women by Allison O’Toole

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O’Toole, Allison. Wayward Sisters: An Anthology of Monstrous Women. TO Comix Press, 2018. 224p. ISBN: 9780994937452. $19.99. HS ***

The stories in this anthology are inspired by fairy tales and myth with a cast of female and non-binary protagonists. The contributors hail from all over the world bringing their own unique styles to the anthology. One standout is Ugly Cinderwench and the Very Angry Ghost by Xaviere Daumarie. In this story, summoned from a bath to dispatch some disruptive sprits the Cinderwench takes her revenge on those who saw fit to take her away from her hot bath. Another notable entry is Zira and The Little Fire by Katie Shanahan. This is a story about Zira, a non-binary, big, green monster with an insatiable hunger who befriends a newly sentient flame. On the less cheeky side are stories of self-acceptance and loyalty. Like all anthologies some stories are better than others however the overall collection is hit rather than miss. As a Kickstarter project this book may be difficult to source but there are certainly many artists to look out for in this title. Still this is more of a purchase for larger collections rather than an essential title.

Carla Avitabile, San Mateo Public Library

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