Bay Area Local: Maia Kobabe

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Name: Maia Kobabe

Performance, Service, or Activity Provided: Author Presentation for the Graphic Novel “Gender Queer”

Maia gave a superb presentation about eir graphic memoir Gender Quuer (out from Lion Forge in 2019), showing not just scenes from the book but related art and other projects. Maia deftly answered sensitive questions about eir gender identity and offered advice and support to folks in the audience asking questions about their own identities. We partnered with a comic book store to sell copies of the book (they sold out) and Maia did a very generous signing, spending quality time with each and every person in the line. A wonderful presentation that attracted a diverse crowd and built community at the branch. Maia’s presentation was visual, so a projector is a plus.

Did the author require payment? Yes, Maia asks for at least enough money to cover travel from the North Bay.

Author’s Website:

Submitted by Jack Baur of the Berkeley Public Library System

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