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Pumpkin by Julie Murphy

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Murphy, Julie. Pumpkin. (Dumplin’ series). Balzar & Bray, 2021. 336 p. ISBN: 0062880454 

$17.99. HS, OT ****

Book Cover Image of Pumpkin: Pink background, white text of title and author, a white hand fan and a "plump" boy, with red hair, posing in a tuxedo, red high heel shoes, and a rainbow cumberbun.
Pumpkin, This Year, Prom’s a Drag,

I love pretty much everything Julie Murphy writes, so I was excited to read her latest release. It did not disappoint. Pumpkin is full of fabulously queer characters, fat-positive representations, and the quirky funny dialogue the author does so well. This is a great book for older teens on the cusp of college and the mix of emotions that brings. If you love a re-imagining of the prom, this book delivers. The author is a white woman, but the story includes many diverse characters (non-white, fat, and/or queer). At times, the main character read a tad self-centered and entitled (their problems are definitely of the economically privileged, mostly white teen variety). Still, this story was just so positive, fun, and bound to be a hit with teens.

–Megan Keane, San Mateo County Libraries

Tags: Diverse, Humor, LGBTQ+, Realistic

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