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Hamilton Musical Trivia Contest

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Contributor: Kirstin Mandalay

Description: Make origami out of discarded comics, picture books, etc.

Supplies: Trivia Questions, but recommend adding more

Number of People: 10-20

Target Audience: Middle School & High School Students

Cost: Free

Prep Time: 2-3 Hours

Program Time: ~45 minutes

Instructions & Reflections:

I found the suggestion to have the questions in writing to be really helpful, so I created a PowerPoint with all of the questions written. It helps for clarity and some do better with the written word.
I told participants that the first correct answer that showed up in my chat window on Zoom won (in case chat window might be not synchronized for all participants).
This program was presented in Zoom (due to COVID-19) but could easily be translated to an in person trivia contest.
I had six participants (fantastic number of participants for us for COVID summer and limited outreach options), so I did not do teams. With a larger group, I would do teams and breakout groups on Zoom or in person I would set up tables for teams.
I discovered during the program that I had to make a judgement call for typos – I chose to award the point to the first correct answer that was completely correct with no typos. Next time I will explain that as one of the rules at the beginning (participants were cool with the rule when I realized we needed to set a rule in the middle).
I found the current trivia questions to be quite hard: of the 33 included plus about 3 extra questions I found myself, the winner got 13 correct and won by one point. Other participants only got a few correct.
I would add some great “finish the line in the song” type questions to be a lot friendlier to teens with varying exposure to Hamilton.
I think there’s room for a lot more questions: answers were pretty fast and we spent maybe 35 minutes or so on the actual trivia contest.

We gave a prize to the winner, a $25 gift card for a local small business (ice cream shop).
This was a very popular topic! (July 2020).

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