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Bay Area Local: Bay Area Bike Mobile

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Name: Bay Area Bike Mobile


Contact: Tommy Bensko,

Service: Bay Area Bike Mobile brings their garage to you to provide bicycle repair services for patrons in your area. The only requirement for bikes they service is that it must have gears and wheels. The mobile mechanics replaced tires, fixed chains, removed rust, fixed brake pads, and more. They also spoke with everyone who brought in bikes and reviewed proper bike care.

Extra Information: Tommy Bensko was great at communicating with us to set up the appointment and called about 20 minutes before the mobile arrived. They asked us to create a sign-up list and the first 20 would be guaranteed to be seen. If they finished early, they said they would see as many as they could in the 3 hour window. They needed a reserved parking space for their mobile and space to work outside.

Required Payment? Nope. Free!

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