Recycled Book-igami

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Contributor: Andrea Mullarkey

Description: Make origami out of discarded comics, picture books, etc.


  • Origami Patterns
  • Old Comics or Picture Books (Free!)
  • Paper Cutter
  • (Optional) 12×12 Scrapbook Paper Stack – Not Card Stock ($10/pack)

Number of People: 10-20

Target Audience: All Ages

Cost: Free

Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Program Time: 15-45 minutes


  1. Using paper cutter, trim comic book or picture book pages into squares.
  2. Follow simple origami instructions to make shape.

Notes: Popular choices among teens I worked with included: balloon, fox, easy heart, and easy fish. A great site for visual templates is: Paper Origami Blog

Paper flowers made from comic books.
Paper crane

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