Hamilton Sing-Along

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Contributor: Andrea Mullarkey

Description: Have fun doing Hamilton karaoke with friends!


  • License to play the Hamilton Instrumentals from the Hamiltunes folks (FREE)
  • License to play the Hamilton Instrumentals from ASCAP (probably free if your city has a license)
  • Hamilton Lyrics Document (FREE – Linked Here)
  • A Copy of the Hamilton Instrumentals (free through Hoopla, a Spotify playlist, or borrow the CD)

Number of People: 50-100

Target Audience: All Ages

Cost: FREE – $20

Prep Time: 5 Hours

Program Time: 2 1/2 Hours


  1. Get a license from the Hamiltunes folks. This license will allow you to play the Instrumentals (but not the cast recording). Find out about this at: Variety.com. 
  2. Then contact hamiltunes@adventureland.com and tell them you would like a free license for your library. Have an authorized person from your library execute the license and return it to Hamiltunes.
  3. Ensure that you have an ASCAP license to play the Hamilton Instrumentals. Contact Michele McKinney: mmckinney@ascap.com
  4. Get a copy of the Hamilton Instrumentals. Streaming it from Hoopla works great because Hoopla is simultaneous access so you don’t have to worry about if it’s available. It’s also set up in order without ads and has a small pause between songs which is helpful for singers catching a breath. If you don’t have Hoopla at your library you can play a Spotify playlist or get a copy of the Hamilton Instrumentals CD for $20.
  5. Prepare the lyrics to project onto a screen for the audience to read from while they sing Edit them in Word then project in .pdf to save yourself the heartache of reformatting for different screen resolutions.
  6. Advertise the event and wait for the onslaught of Hamil-fans!

Note: This program works best when you or someone you know is going to be there is a Hamilton fan. The musical is fast-paced and long and singing along to the instrumentals without knowing it well is hard. Teens will mostly carry you through but you’ll have more fun if you know the musical well.

Source: Variety Article: Hamilton Instrumentals Sing-A-Long

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