Upcycled Smartphone Speakers

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Contributor: Matt Lorenzo

Description: Make and take DIY Speakers for Smartphones


  • Sleeves of Cups (Costco)
  • Paper Towel Rolls
  • Scissors or Exact-o-Knives
  • Pushpins
  • Decorations (markers, stickers, patterned duct tape or Washi tape)

Ages: All Ages

Prep Time: None

Program Time: 30-45 Minutes


  1. Cut a slit large enough to fit a Smartphone in the paper towel roll.
  2. Hold the tube up to the side of one cup and trace the outside of the roll. Cut out a slit and then cut a circle out. Repeat on the second cup.
  3. Fit the paper towel roll into the cups and set your phone in the slit.
  4. Add pushpins to the back of the paper towel roll to keep the speakers upright.
  5. Decorate as you wish.

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