Pop Guns

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Contributor: Carla Avitabile

Description: Make Pop Guns


  • 1/2″ Dowels (2 pop guns out of a 3′ dowel or for 3 pop guns out of a 4′ dowel)
  • 1/2″ PVC Pipe (5 pop guns for each 10′ piece of pipe)
  • 1 Roll Duct Tape
  • Dry Wall Screws (one per pop gun)
  • 1 Roll Strong String
  • 1 Styrofoam Meat Packing Tray OR 1 Bicycle Inner Tube OR Corks OR Closed Cell Styrofoam (the kind they use for insulation in houses)
  • Vascline


  • Hack Saws (I purchased 2 and borrowed from staff)
  • Philips Head Screwdrivers (I borrowed from staff)
  • Scissors

Number of People: 5-25

Target Audience: Younger Teen

Cost: $30

Prep Time: The only real prep time is shopping, unless you don’t trust your teens with a hack saw, in that case you will need to spend about 1 hour cutting dowels and PVC pipe.

Program Time: 1.5 hours (assuming teens will be doing the cutting)

Instructions: Here is the link to the Air Rocket instructions with diagrams! I got my instructions from an amazing website Science Toy Maker created by Science Teacher extraordinaire Slater Harrison. This is a great resource from an extremely supportive science (now retired I think) teacher. He really will answer your questions.

Website: For more cool projects go to Science Toy Maker

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